Subtle Coolness

by William Jackson

Christmas tree craft from paint color samples

I have spent enough time on Pinterest that I have started to see crafty ideas everywhere. I was recently at Lowe’s with my three-year-old daughter Emily when we walked past the paint department. I decided to pick up a few color samples in the hopes that I could do something with them that would entertain Emily for a few minutes.

The Christmas season is upon us, so I asked Emily to pick out a green card and a red card. It wasn’t long before I had the idea to make this Christmas tree. Cut a triangle out of the green card, the shape of a Christmas tree. Use a hole punch to make ornaments from the red card (or any colored paper you have on hand). Stick the ornaments to the tree with a drop of glue. To stand it up, cut a small rectangle from the green card, then cut slits in the rectangle and the base of the tree. Slide the pieces together to make the stand.

Emily loves using the hole punch and the glue, so she was more than happy to help put this together.

Christmas tree craft from paint color samples

There are a few variations on this idea you can try:

It’s not even December yet and I’m already getting into the Christmas spirit!