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An Exciting New Service from TurtleSoft, Inc!

by William Jackson on 2000-06-23

Greetings, fellow cybersurfers! We here at TurtleSoft, Inc. have always pledged to bring you the latest and greatest in Internet technology. We would like to announce the unveiling of our newest service to the world: “Fwd: E-Clean 2000”!

Weʼve all received them. Those forwarded emails never fail to inspire, enlighten, or just plain amuse us. But donʼt you get tired of sifting and scrolling past lines and lines of email addresses, documenting the exact path the message took to get to you? While some emailers are considerate enough to cut-and-paste the original message, most just take the short click straight to the famous “Forward” button, leaving all the junk at the top of the message, like a layer of dirt over a shiny red Corvette.

This is where “Fwd: E-Clean 2000” comes into play. Our new service will wipe out unwanted and unneeded information in forwarded emails, leaving the original gem of a message in pristine condition. This innovative service includes:

As you can see, you canʼt lose with “Fwd: E-Clean 2000”. This service comes with an exclusive money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction. Contact for more information.

Happy surfing, from your friends at TurtleSoft, Inc!

Act now while supplies last. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Must be conscious to participate.