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by William Jackson on 2000-10-14

If I were in charge of the world,
Iʼd change a thing or two.Iʼd leave all the forces of physics alone,And the sky would always remain blue.

But what if you looked out your window,
And much to your surprise,
Raining it was, but quite the wrong way,
From the ground right on up to the skies!

Iʼm not complaining, donʼt get me wrong.I like it all just how it be.
But oh, how much fun to mix-it-up,
And give it a touch of “me”.

Every now and then,
The sun should turn green, I think.
And cast a relaxing chartreuse glow
On the grassy fields (which are pink).

Imagine if you will
The violet bark of a tree.
And just how much more could be done
If you had not two arms, but three!

Iʼm not complaining, I must admit.If none of this happens, thatʼs fine.But oh, how much fun to mix-it-up,
And give it a dash of “mine”.

If I could give you a gift,
The world would be yours to command.
From birds to bikes to a summerʼs day,All things would look just as you planned.

The sun, the moon, the stars at night,
The pencil I hold in my hand,
Would be rearranged at the slightest thought,
Just as the waves shape the sand.

You donʼt have change a single grain,Or all of those other things, too.
But oh, how much fun to mix-it-up,
Until the world speaks of “you”.