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Flight to England

by William Jackson on 2001-08-15

Itʼs morning. Iʼm still in the air. I looked out the window and was reminded of Lehiʼs journey across the many waters.

His first time to cross the many waters;
His first time to fly across the sea;
A journey to a distant land,
He put himself into Godʼs handSo he could be all God wants him to be.

There is a thick layer of clouds under us. It looks like we are flying over a polar ice cap.

Though he feels the smallest of all Godʼs creationIn his mind and in his heart he knows the truth.
A call from the Divine had come;
He knows that he must leave his home
And spread Godʼs word abroad while in his youth.

The sun will rise, the sun will set; a day will pass.
Yet if just one soul knows more than what he did the last
The journey was worthwhile.
The Son has risʼn, the Son has come; Heʼll come again.In His eyes He wants each soul to be His friend.
Letʼs go the extra mile.

Sunrise. Inspiration. Call it what you will, its beauty will always exceed my expectations.