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And So It Begins

by William Jackson on 2004-03-10

Inspired by a certain d-mak, I begin my weblog. Who will read? I donʼt care. Is this my journal? Not really. Why am I doing this, anyway? Because now I can say, “I have a blog,” and blog is a cool word. And thatʼs the way it is.

This all began a few days ago when I installed the Apache HTTP Server on my computer and began serving up my very own web page. Since then I augmented the system with Perl, and now MovableType, the amazing service that allows all that you see here. And it only took me several hours. You should see my bloodshot eyes peering tiredly through my thick-rimmed glasses, squinting, wondering why I set the resolution so high on my computer.

1280 x 1024 forever!