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Blessed Return

by William Jackson on 2004-03-21

Today marks the end of my Spring Break holiday. What a welcome break it has been. I take back that part about yard work being fun. Working in someone elseʼs yard is fun. Working in oneʼs own yard may not necessarily be so. Still, the satisfaction of a job well done is always a genuine motivation ex post facto.

In the long run, I suppose I accomplished plenty of nothing and a bit of something over the workless week. I went to Dallas twice (Thursday and Saturday) to visit the temple, first with my parents and then with my brother and sister. That is where the real peace and quiet was to be found.

I also endured a fun-filled birthday celebration as I turned 22 on Wednesday. Thanks to Amber for the (hopefully) truth-defying “My GPA Sucks” shirt. Thanks to Mary for the mug of green gingham (and/or check).