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Look Ma! No Hands!

by William Jackson on 2004-04-22

This is the first remote post I have ever remotely posted. Iʼm so excited! The story goes like this:

I only have a dialup internet connection, so the website is only online when I am online. Iʼve had to share with Aaron for the last three months (which is cool, because the phone bill gets split between us) so whenever I left the apartment, I went offline. Bummer for the site.

Well, yesterday Aaron got broadband installed, so heʼs always online but never on the phone line. Iʼm not hooked into the “swift river of information” yet, but at least now I can leave my computer on the phone when I leave. It may only be a “bubbling brook” or “dripping faucet”, but it is so all the time!

Which allows me to bring to you (all two of you who read this) a real-time remote post. Iʼm not even at my computer right now. Imagine that.

I also got a webcam yesterday and have been showing it off to all my friends online. Some of my family that frequent the Internet havenʼt seen it yet, and I canʼt wait to show them. Technology rocks!

If there are more than two of you, post a comment and introduce yourself.