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Back In Action

by William Jackson on 2004-05-10

Okay, Iʼm going to try this again. Iʼve been really good about the journal/blog thing for a while. Thereʼs no reason to stop now. Besides, the summer is coming, and I wonʼt be in school, so Iʼll have all the time in the world, right?

You know when you get all depressed, and someone tries to cheer you up or give you advice, and you donʼt want it? You just want to wallow in your misery, because itʼs comfortable down there. Real comfortable. Well, Iʼm like that sometimes, unfortunately.

Fortunately, Iʼm not always like that. But that is the reason I always hesitate to give advice to others. What would I know about their situation? Do I look well travelled and knowledgable? Is my middle name Solomon? I donʼt think so.

I just wanted to make sure none of you were waiting expectantly for my advice column to appear in your local paper. Youʼll be waiting a long time.

“Now that weʼre friends, Iʼve decided to make you my new project!”