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Time for a Happy One

by William Jackson on 2004-05-11

A normal person, when in bliss, dreams of flowers and rabbits and baby chickens. I would like to know why. Another normal person, when in bliss, imagines chocolate. Now thatʼs personality. In fact, I now declare that to be that personaliable, you have to wear glasses, preferably the thick-rimmed kind. Because glasses are a sure sign of personality. Or bad natural eyesight. Which I have. I would say I have both (bad eyesight and personality) but one cannot declare oneself to have “personality”. And for good reason. It engenders humility, another trait which is good for anyone to have. Yes, if we all just humbly wore thick-rimmed glasses this world would be so much better.

Now Iʼm not saying the world is terrible at the moment. I would never say that. Much the opposite, actually. We have flowers, and rabbits and baby chickens, and most of all chocolate. Isnʼt the world a great place?

Now Iʼll go lay in a grassy field of clover and pretend the clouds look like circus animals. Send in the clowns.