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Am I Interested?

by William Jackson on 2004-05-13

Okay, I just got off the phone. I just had the most surreally random conversation this year. It went:

Me: Hello?
Some Guy: Hello, may I speak to William please? (I didnʼt recognize the voice.)___Me:__ This is he.
Some Guy: Hello, William. This is Josh, from
_I forgot the company name he said_. I understand youʼre interested in computers.__Me:__ Yes. (At this point Iʼm thinking, “Heʼs going to offer me a job for the summer. My prayers have been answered!”)Josh:_ Would you be interested in a Pentium III processor for 400 dollars?
Me: No I wouldnʼt. _(I was really disappointed about not getting the job, so I decided to disappoint him.)___Josh: You wouldnʼt? Do you know anyone who would?Me: (Impatient yet polite) No, Iʼm afraid I donʼt.Josh: (Disappointed) You donʼt.Me: Nope. But thanks for the offer.
Josh: Okay, goodbye.

This just happened to me. This is not a joke. I still think itʼs unbelievable.