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by William Jackson on 2004-05-18

If you havenʼt found something strange during the day, it hasnʼt been much of a day. (John A Wheeler)

Itʼs only morning, so I donʼt think Iʼve found something strange yet. I can, however, understand the validity of Mr. Wheelerʼs statement. In the past I would often write in my journal, “It was a normal day. Nothing exciting or new happened.” How uncool is that? I wasnʼt looking hard enough. I wasnʼt examining the details of life, or appreciating the things that matter.

A friend of mine recently inspired me to think on the small things that I am thankful for when I pray. One example she gave of a “small thing” was the scent of my mother. I have never thought to be thankful for such an integral yet somewhat subconcious part of my life. How many times have I hugged and kissed my mother, and felt comfort, security and love in her arms? The total is countless, no doubt, and she always had the same motherly scent about her. I am not familiar with biological processes, or sensory perception theories, but I know somehow that my perception of my mother would be drastically different if that scent were taken away right now.

Hence, I am thankful for the scent of my mother.