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Where It All Began

by William Jackson on 2004-05-21

  1. What is the name of the place where you were born?
    Midwest City Memorial Hospital
  2. What is the full name on your birth certificate?
    William Andrew Jackson
  3. How many children preceded you in your family, and what are their names?
    I came after Heather, Lorraine, David, Sarah and Eric.
  4. How old were you when you moved for the first time?
    Probably two or three years old. Iʼm not sure.
  5. Tell a funny story about your first year in school.
    I tell this at my own peril!!! I was taught to raise my hand and wait for the teacher to call on me if I needed to say something. One day in kindergarten, I needed to say something, so I raised my hand and waited and waited and waited for the teacher to allow me to speak. When she finally did ask what I wanted to say, I told her, “I wanted to say that I needed to go to the bathroom, but now itʼs too late.”