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Hard Core (Pictures!)

by William Jackson on 2004-05-23

I learned something new today. Apparently, I am a “hard core Mormon boy”. Hard core, eh? Well, I suppose that phrase could apply. It wasnʼt really at the top of my list of ways to define myself, though. Perhaps it should be.

Hard core. I do wear khakis all the time (and I mean all the time). Thatʼs pretty hard core. Oh, and I part my hair in the middle. Watch out, Iʼm on the edge! My bicycle is a Liahona. That tag in the top left corner says “Property of California Sacramento Mission” (it belonged to my brother).

Image: Liahona

Need I say more? But I will … I own about two dozen ties. I could wear a different tie every day for almost a month and never repeat. This was a blessing when I served a mission, because I did wear a tie every day.

I have ten siblings, and they are all my best friends.

Image: Jackson Family

The voting appears to have been unanimous. Yes, I am a “hard core Mormon boy”, and have been so for a long time now. And I like it.