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by William Jackson on 2004-06-11

Youʼre starring in a movie! Which celebrity will play …

  1. you?
    Someone told me once that I look just like Lee Ryan from the band Blue, but Iʼm not so sure about that. A movie about me would be a musical, though, so there would of course be some singing and dancing going on. I donʼt think it would be too hard to act like me, so Iʼm looking for someone who looks somewhat like me. If that didnʼt matter, I would want Tom Hanks to play me, because he can play anything.
  2. your love interest?
    Meg Ryan. In fact, just call the movie Youʼve Got Mail. What a great movie. If Meg isnʼt available, call Helen Hunt. Then call the movie Castaway. And add some songs.
  3. your best friend?
    Tobey Maguire. He seems a down-to-earth guy, especially when he plays Peter Parker. Heʼs both cool and not-so-cool (I mean that in a good way!), and very real.
  4. your enemy?
    I donʼt have an enemy. What a boring movie!
  5. any family member?
    Michael Richards would play my brother. Heʼs spontaneous like that.

On second thought, scratch all that and animate the thing.