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Glad to Be Home

by William Jackson on 2004-07-07

Hey, Iʼm back from my trip. I spent the last two weeks visiting extended family in Idaho and Utah. That area of the country is so beautiful. The weather was amazing the entire time. It was good to see cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, some that I have not seen for five years. I also got to meet my first nephew, Joshua Calvin Woodsworth. Heʼs a cutie.

Relatives on my motherʼs side of the family mostly live in and around Idaho Falls, Idaho. My fatherʼs family is from Salt Lake City, Utah. I spent about a week in each city. I did a lot of cool things. I posted a few pictures on my livejournal site while this site was down. Iʼll do my best to get some pictures up here in the very near future.

I am glad to be home.