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Personal Appearance

by William Jackson on 2004-07-10

“Personal appearance” is the only thread I can see that runs through each random thought my mind is about to vomit onto the keyboard. Each thought triggers another, in true stream of consciousness style.

While I was shaving my face this morning — technically it was this afternoon, but thatʼs another story completely — I seriously considered leaving the goatee on again. It has been described as “artsy”, “Wesly-ish”, “chubes”, and “red”. I have never maintained facial hair before; either itʼs not there, or itʼs not maintained Why should I start now?

I was fixing my hair this morning — technically it was this afternoon, but thatʼs the same other story completely — when I decided to give up. My hair is not parted today. I thought through a few options, but all I had available to put in it at the time was wax, my hands, and Non-Ultra Dawn. I used none. Thatʼs when I got the bright idea to wear a hat. I own several. There is one I especially like, a flat cap from England in a very drab brown color. It was perfect. Then my mind wandered to yesterday …

Yesterday I went up to the Arboretum (in an adventuresome way) to see ChloĆ« in action at her work. She was wearing the cutest hat. I donʼt know what the name of the style is, but it was definitely tartan. And cute. So now I am disappointed that I am not allowed to wear a hat when I work at the lab.

But I did wear my flat cap on the bike ride to the lab, and I will wear it on the bike ride from the lab, and more and more until it has become an essential part of my identity.