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by William Jackson on 2004-07-16

“Hey. I told my dad I would be home at 1:00. Letʼs go somewhere discreet.”

The above quote is something I actually said, and it provoked some serious laughter amongst those who were around me at the time, but there is a legitimate explanation for its randomness. Previously, I was talking to a friend about what we were going to do tonight, and she said she had a few fireworks left over from the Fourth, and knew a place where we could go set them off. “Itʼs discreet,” she said. The name of one of the fireworks was “Flying Pedro”.

So, she and I and her sister and another friend drove out to this supposedly discreet location, but there was another car there with the radio on very loudly. We lit the fireworks anyway. Pedro was fun. Then I went home.