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Another Useless Scientific Study

by William Jackson on 2004-07-28

On the third floor of the Flawn Academic Center you will find a few things. You will find the Undergraduate Library stacks; you will find the Audio Visual Library; you will find the Multimedia Computer Facility; and you will find thermostats.

There are 20 thermostats in the main area of the floor. There may be more in the group study and media viewing rooms that line the walls. I surveyed the 20 thermostats to which I had access, and compiled a few statistics.

The maximum temperature was 74° Fahrenheit; four thermostats held this reading. The minimum was 66° F, which only registered on one thermostat, all the way in the corner of the building. The average temperature on the floor is 70.9° F.

Image: Pointless yet Professional-looking Chart

I wear a jacket to work because itʼs so cold in the library. My fingernails are blue. If my fingers werenʼt always in motion on the keyboard, they would fall off.