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A Well Oiled Machine

by William Jackson on 2004-08-16

I have a few projects in the works at the moment, and I think I should give them code names, like military operations.

  1. Operation Neverending Story
    The tweaks and changes I make to my website really are neverending. The most recent addition, as you may have noticed, is the nifty navigation setup at the top of just about any page. The main line gives you links to the daily, monthly and yearly archives that the current entry appears in. From each entry or archive, you can go up/down to the previous/next page in the series. I hope it is intuitive and helpful.
  2. Operation Reflection
    Even before my introduction to the weblog world, I kept a personal journal on my computer. I prefer typing to writing, and a digitized journal is easily searchable. Then I discovered Movable Type, the software that powers this weblog, and decided to bring all my journal information into this system. This way, I can easily publish my journal as a website, for my benefit. Being the consolidation freak that I am, I recently began transcribing my old written journals onto my computer, so I could search them for information as well. I anticipate spending a long time to complete this project, but I think it will be worthwhile, both during and after the work.
  3. Operation Short People
    While I was visiting my family last week, I got out our old slide projector that hadnʼt been touched for (probably) five years. I got down the big box of slides, hung a sheet in the living room, turned the lights down low, and had a great time looking at old slides from the last two decades. My mother asked me if there was a way to get the slides onto a computer so we could give them to the children who appeared in the pictures. I agreed to scan when I could, so I brought a handful of sets of slides when I left, and I have been working on scanning them. I love seeing the pictures, and I have a lot more to get through. It also gives me something to do at work.