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Obligatory Technological Explanation

by William Jackson on 2004-09-02

You really, really donʼt need to read this.

Today I upgraded my content management software from version 3.01D to version 3.1. This new version was released yesterday, 1 September.

What this means for me: instead of actually upgrading the software, I opted to install the new version clean and transfer my weblog information from the old version. I spent way too much time working on this, exhausting time I could have been using to study or read for my classes.

What this means for you: because the threaded comments “feature” was in reality a hack, I decided not to try that again. Therefore, threaded comments are gone, and all comments that used to be threaded on older entries are no longer threaded.

What this means for the Internet in general: the “early adopter” count just increased by one.