Special Golfing Visor

2004-09-04 06:39:00 +0000

Last night I went golfing and I wore my special golfing visor. I was invited to play with Lisa, Dean, Chloë and Katie. I have such wonderful friends! Most of the tournament was caught on camera. I think somebody won.

Then we raced lawnmowers around a track. Basically. Then we probably watched in horror as all the coin-games were turned off before our very eyes.

Then we went to Starseeds at midnight:30 and ate the most delicious food all week. And we took turns staring at each other, and generally acting as if it were midnight:30 at night. Then the night ended.

I donʼt know what you find so comforting about my shoulder, but I certainly find comfort when your head is resting there.