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The Building Blocks of a Wonderful Day

by William Jackson on 2004-09-21

I hope I can remember all the wonderful little things that happened today, because today was entirely made up of wonderful little things. Nothing was absolutely huge, but it was all great.

My lip is getting worse. I think thatʼs awesome.

My lip is getting worse. But my skills with a pencam are improving!

I worked 08:00 to 11:00 as normal. I powerwalked to E 316K in the stadium, as normal. When my English class was over, I decided to wait on the bridge at the corner of 23rd Street and San Jacinto, because I knew Chloë would be passing by on her way to class, and I wanted to say “hello” to her.

So, I was standing on the bridge, peering down into the creek, when I realized how beautiful it looked and sounded. I knew there were students behind me busily making their way to classes, but I wasnʼt paying any attention to them.

Jared came by. That was cool. He left, and I waited a while longer. I was sitting on the bridge wall now, and sure enough, I heard Chloëʼs voice call my name. She gave me a hug and said, “I love that shirt.” I returned the hug and said, “I love that hat.” Then she went to class, and I went home, my mission accomplished. That was wonderful moment number one.

I was back in class at 14:00. C S 349, or Contemporary Issues in Computer Science. We had a test today, short answer, ten questions. I finished it in thirty minutes. That was wonderful moment number two.

Itʼs Tuesday, so I had Menʼs Chorus rehearsal. That was wonderful 80 minutes number three.

On my walk home from the Music Recital Hall, I saw a blue thing on the ground. I took notice of it and wonderered what it might be as I walked away. When I realized what it was, I went back to take a photo. It was one of those blue sheets Chloë uses to blot oil off her face. I saw it and I was reminded of her. That was wonderful moment number four.

Blot paper to die for. Seriously.

From home, I took the bus to the Institute. On the bus a crazy woman sang a Southern Baptist hymn. I was smiling at her the whole time, and she knew it. It was really beautiful, and I count the experience as wonderful moment number five. I took her hand and thanked her as I got off the bus.

Institute is always wonderful. Learning about women in Jesusʼ genealogy was wonderful moment number six.

After my Institute class I went to Wendyʼs with Larissa and Theresa. We had a great time, and giggled a lot. We also put on our best English accents for the walk back to the Institute. I probably let a few cats out of a few bags, with no harm done. Rack up wonderful moment number seven. Back at the Institute, one of my friends said to me, “You still have some sauce on your lip.”

“No man, thatʼs definitely a bruise.”

Add to all this a guy at the Institute asking every woman in sight, “Are you hooked up?” and you have yourself an awesome day!