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Like My Dad

by William Jackson on 2004-10-04

Even though I wear a suit to church on Saturday like my dad, I like computers like my dad, I laugh at the same things as my dad, I enjoy photography like my dad, and I donʼt get enough sleep and nod off during General Conference like my dad, all this does not mean I am a responsible adult like my dad.

This past weekend when I went home to visit (whatʼs left of) my family, my father was running the show. My mother went to stay with my sister for a week, because she just had her first child. Eva is a cutie! I would have pictures, but I left them in Waco.

See? Now wasnʼt that an unresponsible thing to do?

I also forgot to bring the power cord to my telephone back with me. If I donʼt answer my phone this week, itʼs because either I have it turned off to conserve battery power, or it is already dead. Unresponsibility abounds.

But hey, the weekend was très cool, even when I consider just how much time I spent at “home”.

Jared dropped me at my home at about 16:45. After many hugs and dinner, and my dad returning from work, we all piled into the car and departed for my sisterʼs home at 19:30. Three hours later we pulled into her driveway. I took pictures as everyone (except you-know-who-you-are) held little Eva. Then we all got back in the car with one less mother and drove back to Waco. And slept.

Saturday morning, I was up at 09:30 and at the chapel with my father and three youngest brothers at 11:00. Session One was excellent; two new apostles, another temple in the Salt Lake Valley, &c.

At 13:00 we went home for lunch, then back up to the chapel at 15:00. Session Two was excellent; Dad: “This is the first time Iʼve sustained an apostle younger than me!”

At 17:00 we went home for dinner, then we left the youngest at home on the computer while we went back to the chapel at 19:00 for Session Three; lots of good counsel and rebukement (rebuketion?).

Then at 21:00, home and sleep.

Sunday morning was a similar story. Awake at 10:00, Session Four at 11:00, lunch, Session Five at 15:00. Jared came to pick me up at 18:15 or so, and we drove to Austin in the rain.


You know, my dad isnʼt such a bad guy to want to be like.