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Boats and Beans

by William Jackson on 2004-10-10

Three lovely ladies and one lucky guy.

As a fitting end to the summer weather, I was at the lake Saturday. All the cool people from church were there, and I specifically went with these three lovely ladies. I was much taller than all of them, so I decided to hunch down so I wouldnʼt look completely weird in this picture. Iʼm also much whiter than all of them, but there is apparently nothing I can do about that.

We all had a really awesome time. We went tubing behind Bishopʼs boat, and I got thrashed and I have more scars to prove it, but not quite as conspicuous as on my lip. We ate some beautiful, tender grilled chicken, potato salad, baked beans and coleslaw. Oh how I love coleslaw! I got a sunburn. Iʼve wanted to get a sunburn for so long! It proves I donʼt spend all my time in front of a computer.

Iʼm so happy I could wear a big orange bandana!

I was so happy and had a wonderful time. In fact, this picture proves how happy I was! You canʼt fake a smile like that.