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Youʼve Been Struck by a Smooth Criminal

by William Jackson on 2004-10-21

If you use Windows XP and you want the text on your screen to look smoother, here is what you do:

Right-click on an open area of the desktop

First, right-click on an open area of the desktop, and select “Properties” from the menu that appears. A window entitled “Display Properties” will appear.

On the Appearance tab, click the Effects... button

On the “Appearance” tab, click the “Effects…” button.

Select ClearType from the drop-down list

In the dialog box that appears, check the box that reads, “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:” and select “ClearType” from the list of methods. Click “OK” to close the “Effects” window, then click “OK” again to close the “Display Properties” window.

Et voila!