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Juicy Hug if Ever There Was One

by William Jackson on 2004-10-28

Last night I dreamed of Alicia.

Alicia is a girl. Alicia is a girl I have not spoken to in four years. I really have no idea why my dream featured the surprise appearance of this girl. I do not know what prompted the thought.

The dream itself was simple. I was somewhere. I rarely know exactly where I am in dreams. This particular somewhere included an open area, like a big room, with a ledge on one wall. The ledge was about ten feet from the floor, and I was sitting on the ledge observing the activity in the room from above. The place resembled a large, clean garage, or a small hangar of some sort. The place was very clean.

Jared was there. He wasnʼt on the ledge; he was on the floor of the room, or garage, or hangar. A car pulled in out of nowhere, and stopped. The doors opened and two girls got out. I recognized both of these girls: Jessica and Alicia. They were in my high school graduating class.

In my dream, it must have been the same four years that I had not been in contact with them, because I felt overwhelmed with happiness at the sight of them. Jared knew them, too, and hugged them as they got out of the car. I continued to look on from my perch on the ledge.

Then, Alicia looked up and saw me sitting there. She smiled. I jumped down (from ten feet up — I donʼt know how) and went to give her a hug. I gave her a juicy hug, and the reunion brought me to tears.

What a weird dream.

In high school, Alicia was the first girl I had a crush on. We were in the same French class for two years. We were both French Club officers, and she would give me a ride home from our meetings after school. She was a cheerleader. I was scared out of my mind to say anything to her.

Jared knew I had a crush on her. One night, when we were driving around town, Jared said to me, “Iʼve got a good idea!” He failed to tell me what that good idea might be. We went to pick up another mutual friend, and then Jared drove to the home of Alicia. I knew exactly what was going on.

Jared and the other guy dragged me, probably kicking and trying not to make much noise, to Aliciaʼs front door. They rang the bell, and I was just standing there. Her father opened the door, and I asked if Alicia was home.

She wasnʼt; she was cheering at a basketball game that night.

I was saved.