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Skateboarding and Freestyle Walking Prohibited

by William Jackson on 2004-11-09

I watched Napoleon Dynamite for the fourth time last night. Right on. My Monday night Family Home Evening group went to St. Edwardʼs University to see the free showing. On the way out, customarily, I began freestyle walking all over the place. I did a two-footed wall plant off of some building when one of the guys said, “You need to go higher!” He then proceeded to practically walk up the wall. It was amazing.

I took a closer look at the side of the building, and noticed the rocks or stones or bricks or whatever the builders used to build it were quite irregular, and I could probably just scale it. I started to try, but a young woman who was passing by politely and authoritatively suggested that I stop.

She was wearing a lanyard. You canʼt argue with that.