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Thanksgiving; What Else?

by William Jackson on 2004-11-26

Image: Thanksgiving with the family

The Thanksgiving holiday has already been absolutely unbelievable. My favorite part, of course, has been spending time with my family. Sure, I only live 100 miles or so away from them, but I donʼt get to visit them very often, and certainly not for this extended length of time.

I arrived home late Tuesday night; my mother was already asleep. Actually, she was the only one asleep. My father was working, and my three brothers were doing homework on the couch and lying in their beds trying not to go to sleep, respectively. I talked with my father for a while, then went to bed myself.

I think by now everyone who knows me knows that I set my alarm for 06:00, regardless of what time I go to bed or what I plan on doing in the morning. Tuesday night was no different. After I woke up, showered and dressed Wednesday morning I went downstairs to be greeted with darkness and everyone sleeping.

“What am I going to do?” I thought. Ah. I put my dirty clothes in the washing machine and started it up. I thought that would wake my parents, because their bedroom is on the other side of the wall from the laundry room, and washing machines can be loud.

Still no activity. So I went into the kitchen and dining room. It was quite dirty, and I wanted some breakfast. So I cleared off the table, loaded the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and swept the floor. By then my mother had come out of her room.

She told me that she thought it was my younger brother, probably trying to get on her good side so he could go somewhere that day. Ha.

I have spent a lot of time with my father over the last two days. I went with him to do his errands Wednesday, and we were doing computer-related things together Thursday. Today will be more of that. I really enjoy it.

My father is awesome. (I think that was a shout-out.)