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ITS! Open Up!

by William Jackson on 2004-12-01

I think thereʼs a new guard at the library.

Tuesday morning, I didnʼt recognize the library guard when I came in toopen the computer lab. For the life of me I couldnʼt reach the key. Icould hear it down there when I moved books around — as a matter of security, Idonʼt think I can tell you where the key is actually kept — but I justcouldnʼt find it. I went to ask the guard if he could go get the key forme.

He said he didnʼt have access to that area, and the librarians who didhave access didnʼt arrive until eight oʼclock in the morning (itwas 7:45 at the time). I tried to explain that I worked for ITS and I needed toopen the computer lab before 8, and all the other guards would go get the keyfor me when I couldnʼt get it for myself, but I gave up and decided totry one more time to get the key on my own. I succeeded, thankfully.

That was Tuesday morning. This morning, the same guard was working. And hecarded me.

He carded me!

There is a sign that clearly indicates that I should be prepared to show aUniversity ID card to enter the library “between the hours of 10PM and 7AM,” andthis was most definitely not between the hours of 10PM and 7AM. And do I looklike Iʼm just some guy off the street interested in a warm,semi-comfortable couch and a good read?

So back off, man. I donʼt even use this library to study. Ever.Iʼm just the guy up on the third floor to whom everyone comes forlibrary-related advice, and I reply that I donʼt work for the library,but Iʼll help them anyway.

Read the badge. I work for ITS.