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by William Jackson on 2004-12-15

Weʼll Be Loyal Scouts

Thatʼs right, impulse. And Iʼm not talking about subwarp speeds, Captain Picard.

Completely on impulse, I went to Waco for two days. I was helping my friend pack his things for the winter break, when I looked at my schedule — Iʼm never without my schedule, it helps prevent impulsiveness — and realized that I was doing nothing, nothing for two days. So we stopped at my apartment and I packed up a bag quickly and we were on the road to Waco!

Iʼm starting to shop impulsively, too. Perhaps thatʼs just Christmas coming to get me, though. I have so many people that I want to get things for, especially because I have been forgetting birthdays left, right and center the entire year. And somehow, I have the funds. It must be a blessing.

So, “Merry Christmas” to all. And donʼt forget to impulsively wear clothing you havenʼt worn since you were fourteen years old. Now, whoʼs up for a Pinewood Derby?