Go My Favorite Sports Team!

2004-12-17 18:30:00 +0000

I went with some friends to see my very first live hockey game. There was a lot of yelling, and a few fights. Then the game started. I have to admit, the Lubbock Cotton Kings seemed to handle the puck with more elegance and grace than the Austin Icebats. But as you know, elegance and grace neʼer won manly hockey game.

The only time Lubbock scored was when two (2) of the Austin players were in the penalty box. At the end of the game it was tied 2-2. Therefore, there was five minutes of sudden-death overtime. Let us all rejoice, for the Icebats scored with 55 seconds left and we didnʼt have to wait for a shootout.

The best show the whole night was the people on the outside of the glass, banging on it whenever the opposing team skated by. Weird. Oh, and the Icebat mascot threw us a t-shirt. Super cool.