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My Thumbs Are Turning Blue!

by William Jackson on 2005-01-05

Nintendo Controller

So basically, my coworker is the coolest. I come home to Austin from my vacation to discover that he has given me a Christmas gift.

But itʼs not just any Christmas gift. Itʼs The Legend of Zelda, for the Nintendo Entertainment System! The cartridge is gold and everything! Oh man, Iʼve already started playing it. Itʼs so awesome, I just canʼt speak.

Iʼm really a cop-out when it comes to classic games, though. The first thing I did was go to the online walkthrough for the game, so I wouldnʼt miss anything. I found out that I am terrible at any Nintendo game that doesnʼt have the words “Mario 3” in the title.

But I am still stoked beyond all comprehension. You should all come over to my place and play Nintendo games with me. My next planned acquisition is Metroid.