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If I Died No One Would Notice

by William Jackson on 2005-01-07

Image: Boys with towels on their heads

Actually, Iʼm sure a lot of people would be curious if I didnʼt answer my phone for a while and didnʼt show up to Church on Sunday and missed work on Monday. I sure hope Aaron would assume something was wrong if I didnʼt come home without letting him know.

Okay, okay, okay, so there are some people that love me. I guess Iʼll just have to accept that. But donʼt letʼs look at the big picture for the moment, and letʼs talk about how boring my afternoon has been.

On the other hand, donʼt letʼs talk about how boring my afternoon has been until we talk about how exciting my morning was. It was sprinkling. Hurrah. I caught my bus, which I havenʼt done all week because I insist on reading the Internet for an hour before I even get in the shower. Itʼs a good thing I caught my bus, too, because it was sprinkling, and a wet William, as one would assume, is not necessarily a pleasant William.

Continuing with the excitement, I mentored a new employee at the lab. Heʼs cool. Also, when I went to the other lab to work at noon, I scanned some slides from 1983/4. I understand now why everyone thought my brother and I were identical twins. I could hardly tell which one was me! This is not quite so evident in the supplied photograph. Trust me.

Image: A little red in the face

At this point I have forgotten why I was so bored. All I know is that I was bored enough to stick my face in one of the flatbed scanners. It really is gross. Iʼm not sure why it is red, but I think my nose looks like a strawberry. And isnʼt that lip-scar just awesome?

Mmmm, strawberries.