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Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.

by William Jackson on 2005-01-24

I donʼt have the pictures yet. I will get them soon, and you will see them. And you will know exactly why I exclaim, “Oh. My. Freaking.Goodness.” Every week I look forward to Family Home Evening more than humanly possible. This sentence is a shout-out to my brothers and sisters. Both kinds: biological and FHEvical.

So, quickly before I fall asleep on my keyboard, hereʼs the rundown. Jared and I go to the scene. No one answers the door. Llama [Tina] calls Jared asking for a ride. (Is it okay if I call you Llama? I never use anyoneʼs real name on this thing, and I thought “Llama” would be fitting, for obvious reasons, but I just want you to know that Llama with a capital L is extremely different from llama with a lowercase l. And by extremely different I mean more cool-like.) I drive the Lankmobile over to pick up Llama (always a pleasure).

After much chat (very important!) and Hello Crappies (very burnt), FHE starts. Singing. Praying. What motivates you? Why do you get up in the morning? What makes life worth living for you? Making people smile. Checking my email. Making people smile. Girls. No, no, no, that was someone elseʼs answer.

Chick-O-Sticks with Hersheyʼs Kisses (I heard they were good with chocolate)! Hello Dollies (the not-burnt kind)! More chat. More praying (canʼt get enough). Official FHE is over. Time to begin unofficial FHE.

Dress-up and movie. This is the part where you have to see the pictures. So please wait in anticipation. Thank you.