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Burning DVDs with the Force

by William Jackson on 2005-01-27

Image: Vader, get me a danish!

Iʼm so excited to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith that I am going to stay awake until it hits theatres in May. I really should be in bed right now. I should be sleeping, because I have to beat work early in the morning.

At first glance I would definitely think nothing exciting happened today. It rained all day. I love rain. I love Texas, because it rains instead of snows in the winter. I went to class, and had the pleasure of running into friends along the way. It makes me feel good when I can randomly cross paths with someone I know on a campus of almost 50,000 students. Actually, I bumped (figuratively) into the same girl twice today.

I also went to work today, at which I brushed up on my knowledge of scanning and text recognition on the Macs; and my Photoshop skills (displayed herein). Girls only want boyfriends with good skills, and I think my computer hacking skills are coming along quite nicely.

Yesterday I burned a DVD for the very first time, ever. I took the production of “The Forgotten Carols” that I played a small part in, exported it from VHS to a computer, then burned it onto one of these Digital Versatile Discs. Everything appeared fine, but there are some parts on the DVD that are messed up like Strong Sad on caffeine. Looks like Iʼll have to do it all over again. The only catch is that it takes ninety minutes to get the movie from the videotape onto the computer, because it has to play at normal speed. And it takes three hours to burn the movie onto a DVD. The import process automatically cuts the video into segments of about ten minutes in length, so it takes thirty minutes to an hour in between to set up the movie clips and get the DVD menus right. Iʼd have to be at the computer lab all day!

Itʼs not like that has never happened.