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Random Ordered List

by William Jackson on 2005-02-01

  1. Last night after Institute I went to the first meeting of the Hunger Relief Association. Allison, my Family Home Evening mom, invited me and everyone else at the University within three degrees of separation from her. I remember sitting in my Institute class thinking, “This class is only supposed to go until 17:30, and itʼs 17:53 and Brother Wright is still talking. Whatʼs wrong with him?” Then I remember thinking, “This is Institute, there is nowhere else more important I should be right now. Iʼm a bad kid.” I was late to the meeting, and when I came in I couldnʼt help but notice some delicious brownies on a table. “Those look good,” I thought. “Too bad I wonʼt be eating any of them.”

    At the end of the meeting I was doing my fair share of socializing, and without a second thought I picked up this lucious chocolate brownie and shoved it into my face. I began to comment to a friend, “These are great! … OH! …” The no-chocolate game is over, folks. What better place to end it unceremoniously than at a meeting of the Universityʼs Hunger Relief Association. 2. Thirty minutes before Family Home Evening my trusty palm computer crashed. I was preparing my lesson and in the middle of performing a full-text search of The Book of Mormon on the word “master” when I noticed that it had said, “Searching Chapter 10,” for too long. I pushed the little reset button on the back, thinking that it would just kill the program and restart the computer. It killed a lot more than the program: all my data was gone! The last time I had made a backup was 22 January, so I know I lost some things, but I got most of it back. Whew. 3. Everyone shared one of his or her favorite scriptures at Family Home Evening, with spectacular results. Many powerful passages were read. 4. Aaron is back! He disappeared Friday afternoon without a trace, and didnʼt show up until late last night. Just as I was getting under my blanket, I heard the front door open. Iʼm so glad heʼs not dead. 5. This morning a woman got onto the bus, and when I looked at her, I thought, “Iʼve seen that face before.” Well, I had seen that face before … on Donald Trump! This short woman had Donald Trumpʼs face! It was amazing and amusing. To add to the bizarrity, everytime the techno-voice came on the PA system (“Now approaching Guadalupe at 24th; transfer for route one. Transferencia para uno.”) Miss Trump would put her fingers in her ears. 6. I think Iʼm insulting my professors when I dutifully sit on the front row each day and dutifully fall asleep halfway through the lecture. That happened twice today, in both of my morning classes. I have two binders: red and green. I purposefully chose green over red for my morning classes as an optimistic twist, but I am apparently not optimistic enough. Or I donʼt get enough sleep.