I Couldnʼt Think of a Good Title for This One

2005-02-07 17:14:00 +0000

Is she my girlfriend? Is she not?

Today I went to Family Home Evening at the stake center instead of my usual place. I always start with the end of the day, and skip the beginning. Let me start over.

I worked for at least seven hours today. I was going to mentor four new employees at the lab (four in one day–a new record!) but one had to postpone. Three new employees mentored in one day–a new record! This meant I did a lot of talking. I talked for at least four full hours cumulatively, and that was just at work. This meant I drank a lot of water. I think I drank too much water, because I began to feel sick. Ick.

After work I went to Institute class. I was really tired, and I fell asleep on my desk. This was another incident when I was sitting on the front row. My instructor is kind enough to never mention it to me, but at least two (2) of the other students asked me if I got enough sleep last night. Of course I didnʼt. Final Fantasy VII is robbing me of my slumber.

A particularly kind Hispanic woman offered me a ride home, which I whole-heartedly accepted because I hadnʼt seen or spoken with the aforementioned Hispanic woman for over a month. “Hot time!” said William. Once home, I whipped up some of my famous homemade Ramen noodle soup. Mmmmm (sp?). My friend who was going to drive to Family Home Evening came ten minutes early, so she checked out all her emails while I finished up all my Ramens.

Then it was onward and upward to Family Home Evening, where the lesson was effectively entitled, “Prayer; How many bars do you have?” Clever and meaningful it was, yes, clever and meaningful. We attempted to play life-sized foosball (keyword: attempted) then either finished the game or gave up, depending on your perspective, and settled for some delicious frozen custard. When everyone started leaving, an impromptu basketball game picked up amongst eight people; I was one of the eight. Surprise surprise. Impromptu basketball is not to be confused with improvisational comedy, neither of which I am very good at.

So my foot got sore, and my shirt got ripped, and my breath got knocked, but I had a good time. For the most part it was girls v. boys. I was on the girlsʼ team.

On the ride home I found myself (a) pumping gas for my driver, (b) cleaning my driverʼs windshield, and (c) explaining to my driver the difference between deterministic and nondeterministic finite state machines. If you ask me, vending machines are key.

Because you made it thus far, oh thou loyal reader, I shall now explain the photograph. ʼTwas her birthday, and she is a dear friend, and thatʼs how I show my love for dear friends on their birthdays. Even if it wasnʼt her birthday, people who know HTML have a special bond.