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The Day Corporate America Gave Back to Me

by William Jackson on 2005-02-08

I went to Taco bell for lunch today, and I decided I wanted three softtacos and a medium drink. When it was my turn to place my order, I said,

“Iʼll have three soft tacos and a medium drink, please.”

After some subsequent cash register button pressing, the man behind thecounter said, “That will be $4.29. No, wait. Iʼm going to make thatthree soft tacos and a large drink, and that will be $3.99.”

Who can argue with that? I love you, combo meals.

Boycott all you want. Iʼm going to continue to eat at Taco Bell. Goahead and create a facebook group in honor of The Guy at Wendys in theUnion. He never saved me thirty cents. As for me and my debit card, wewill serve the Taco Bell.

So I went down to the Union Underground and ate my tacos. 630 calorieslater, I am a happy man.