The Day Corporate America Gave Back to Me

2005-02-08 07:52:00 +0000

I went to Taco bell for lunch today, and I decided I wanted three soft tacos and a medium drink. When it was my turn to place my order, I said,

“Iʼll have three soft tacos and a medium drink, please.”

After some subsequent cash register button pressing, the man behind the counter said, “That will be $4.29. No, wait. Iʼm going to make that three soft tacos and a large drink, and that will be $3.99.”

Who can argue with that? I love you, combo meals.

Boycott all you want. Iʼm going to continue to eat at Taco Bell. Go ahead and create a facebook group in honor of The Guy at Wendys in the Union. He never saved me thirty cents. As for me and my debit card, we will serve the Taco Bell.

So I went down to the Union Underground and ate my tacos. 630 calories later, I am a happy man.