Let Sleeping Fish Lie

2005-02-10 00:23:00 +0000

Image: Couple of the year!

One of my sisters – the one that got translated into Spanish – married a really cool guy last July. It was July, so the colors for her wedding reception were blue and red. My mother already owned a red betta at the time, so she purchased three more: one red and two blue.

These fish went in little fish bowls on the tables at the reception, and really added to the atmosphere of the place. I mean, live fish on the tables? How cool is that?

So anyway, when the reception was over, my sister gave me one of the fish, a blue one named Violet.

Violet was a trooper. It was two weeks before I got him a decent fishbowl, and even then I neglected him every chance I got. I probably didnʼt feed him as much as I should have. I didnʼt change his water often enough. I left him in Austin when I visited my parents for two weeks over the winter break. Sometimes I would even leave my webcam pointed at him all day, so Iʼm sure that stressed him out some.

The bottom line is, Violet is free from the suffering that I deserved because of the way I treated him.

However, I will always wonder, because Violet wasnʼt floating. I was always told that dead fish float. Was he just taking a three-day nap?

Now what? I have a fish bowl. Iʼm going to use it to hold the matchbooks I am beginning to collect.

Happy Chinese New Year, Violet.