Ah, the Life of a Proctor

2005-02-11 02:18:00 +0000

I really like the new proctors this semester. I have mentored them all, and worked several hours with most of them. I was looking forward to many enjoyable hours proctoring the SMF with all my new coworkers. This is why it pains me to know that one of them is being transferred to the (villainous) Communication Computer Center.

She didnʼt think it was such a good idea, either.

I tried to cheer her up.

Thereʼs nothing wrong with working at the CCC. Some proctors would rather work there than here at the SMF. Most proctors would rather work there than here. Okay, every proctor I have ever met except me would rather work there instead of here at the SMF. Itʼs more laid-back, you get to study when itʼs quiet, …

This is the risk you take when you enter this business. You could be transferred at a momentʼs notice. Itʼs all part of the Proctor lifestyle.

My dear fellow proctor, I wish you all happiness and smiles as you brave this new territory.