2005-02-14 09:25:00 +0000

I warn you, Iʼm talking about things that occur in restrooms (again).

I went to the menʼs room on the second floor of the Flawn Academic Center, to do what people do in menʼs rooms. When I exited my stall, I saw a man walk away from one of the urinals with a book in his hand.

He had a book in his hand!

He walked straight to the door. Thatʼs right, he forgot to sanitize. I stood there, utterly dumbfounded by the surrealism of what I had just witnessed. I recognized him, too. He works here. Iʼm never shaking his hand. Ever.

In related news, I remember my friend mentioning to me how spacious the handicap stalls are. “Theyʼre nice and roomy,” he said. “I could set up shop in there.”

“Set up shop?” I donʼt even want to know what he meant by that.