An Obligatory Entry

2005-02-14 04:13:00 +0000

Lisa suggested – no, insisted – that I mention something that happened Saturday night.

We had left the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex and were in some residential neighborhood looking for a particular house, where we would be watching a movie with friends. I noted the house numbers and informed the driver that we were going in the wrong direction and needed to turn around. As she pulled into some random driveway, the headlights of her car illuminated a young man standing with his face to the wall of the house there. He appeared to be urinating, but I canʼt be certain.

I can, however, be certain of the uncontrollable laughter that escaped our lips.

I could take a moment to put myself in his shoes and try to understand how he felt about this, but I wonʼt. Iʼd rather discuss what I was doing at the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex Saturday night. I was bowling.