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Happy Valentineʼs Day!

by William Jackson on 2005-02-15

Happy Valentineʼs Day!

A day late and a dollar short, I wanted to wait until my Valentineʼs Daywas over before I commented on how much I loved it. At his very momentIʼm rather overwhelmed at the happiness I seem to be displaying in thepicture. I didnʼt realize at the time how content my smile made me look.It was a happy day, for some reason.

At the bottom of the picture a small red smudge is visible. Thatʼssweetʼnʼsour sauce from Hoa Hoa, the best Chinese restaurant in DobieMall, and the cheapest, and the only. I have a weekly lunch date there.The sweetʼnʼsour sauce is always good, but this time I decided to takesome with me, obviously. I also ate the obligatory fortune cookie, andone can faintly make out the fortune taped to my shirt just below thefading barcode. Weʼll get to that in a minute.

To the right is a blue smiling heart. That was a gift from one of mycoworkers. Thank you!

Goodness, I have skinny arms. Anyway, on to the fortune:

An admirer is concealing his affection for you.