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by William Jackson on 2005-02-17

I was proctoring the biggest lab in the world, and I was all by myself.Suddenly, I realized that it was time to close! I quickly announced thatthe lab was closed and everyone had to leave. Hundreds of people startedmadly rushing for the doors. I slipped into a stairwell, went down a fewflights, and came out on a balcony overlooking some large classroom. Thewalls were painted dark, the lights were low and half a dozen studentswere sitting in a broken circle around Anthony Hopkins. One of thestudents was a friend of mine, and she was asking him something.

I left that room and went down some more stairs and out a door thatopened to a parking lot. I met some people I knew from England, chattedwith them for a minute or two, then told them I needed to get back towork.

I entered the stairwell again, and on the way up I noticed that therewere backpacks scattered all over the stairs. When I got back up to myenormous lab, there were still hundreds of people milling about. Onceagain, I anounced that the lab was closed and everyone needed to gohome. Once again, people started running for the exit.

Then, like your stereotypical immature fratboy college sophomore, someguys started taking books and writing all over them. I tried to be niceand ask them to stop, but they soon decided they didnʼt want to leave,and turned on me.

I got away from them somehow, and ran up some open stairs, so I couldstill see the huge room. When I got to the first landing, I was on theverge of tears because I had lost complete control of the lab and I hada mob of angry fratboy college sophomores on my heels. Suddenly, Ilooked up and was overwhelmingly relieved to be looking into the eyes of

I have a hard time remembering dreams, especially when I wait so long towrite them down. I donʼt remember who I saw.