I Should Visit Waco More Often

2005-02-21 03:05:00 +0000

As some have already discovered, I traveled to Waco to visit my family this past weekend. So many exciting things and blogworthy happened, that I had to take notes because I did not have access to a computer. I also have pictures.

Cool brothers

To begin, my brothers are the coolest brothers. When I arrived at the residence of my parents, my parents were not there, but these guys were (sans the short one). We cleaned the house, then went to the library. Of course, none of us went to the library for books. We went to the library for computers. I was going to use one, but I exercised some self control and moderation, and instead browsed the fiction section.

We also went to the library because in the parking lot there is a water store booth thing. “¡La Mejor Agua!” One quarter buys one gallon. Bring your own containers. Well, one quarter buys one gallon and one cup, as my brother and I discovered. Surprisingly. When the gallon jug was full and the water didnʼt stop.

Back at the house we learned why none of us would ever see a Dashboard Confessional concert. We donʼt know the words to all the songs. We were watching some concerts on a DVD, and if they are any indication, you are required to know all the words to all the songs to be admitted. Maybe the restriction only applies to the first twelve rows. Or girls. I think you have to take a test to get in, one of those fill-in-the-blank tests with just a song title at the top and blanks on the rest of the page. Not my style.

Peanut butter cookies

We still needed to eat dinner. For some reason I always eat fish sticks and tater tots when I visit Waco. The aforementioned fish sticks and tater tots were cooked and cooling when Daniel suggested we make cookies or brownies or something. I suggested we eat first, but my brother was afraid eating dinner first would spoil his appetite for making cookies. We risked it. With dinner out of the way, and no appetites spoiled, we began mixing up some deluxe peanut butter cookies.

First we broke the hand mixer, then we broke the other hand mixer, so we had to resort to using the KitchenAid megamixer. We should have started with that. It was so awesome. We got peanut butter all over the counter and the wall and the side of the refridgerator. They turned out great. The recipe said it makes 36 cookies. It didnʼt make 36 cookies, but they sure tasted like 36 cookies.

At this point I had taken some photographs with my 35mm camera, and the roll of film was full. I had an unexplainable urge to get them developed immediately, but it was 19:30, and I couldnʼt think of anyone who did one-hour processing at that time on a Saturday night. But a guy can try.

We drove to CVS first, because it was closest. My brother was going to stay in the car while I ran in to drop off my film, but I convinced him to come with.

Youʼre going to want to see this. Iʼll probably have to flirt with someone to get these photos developed.

CVS? More like, CV No! That cute girl at the photo desk let me down.

Our next stop was HEB. I sprinted across the parking lot and into the store, apparently drawing the attention of several security guards. I ran up to the photo desk and quickly regained my composure. I asked the man on duty if he did one-hour processing at that time, and I think he twitched. Then he gave me a look that could be interpreted two ways: “Are you some kind of idiot? Who would do one-hour processing at this time of night? Certainly not me!” or “Well, are you going to say something to me?”

It turns out that his twitch was actually an affirmative nod, and I looked like an idiot because I just looked at him for fifteen seconds before saying anything. Anyway, he took my film, said it would probably be ready in thirty minutes, and I left. When I came back 45 minutes later he was looking for me. He handed me my pictures and said, “What took you so long? I said it would be done in thirty minutes!” And that, my friends, is why HEB will always be the coolest store in the world.

To the mothers in the audience, I also learned that there are two ways to get leftovers eaten: put them in a clear container so your children can see what it is; or put them in an ice cream container.