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I Give Up

by William Jackson on 2005-02-25

Can anyone imagine the day I give up computers completely?

Or, more specifically, can anyone imagine that day being any day otherthan the day I die?

Yeah, me neither.

Several months ago, I was searching for some information to help me withmy site, when I came across a website that helped me quite a bit.The author of this site was an accomplished programmer, and I learned alot from him. He gave some cool tips that I implemented on my site, andin the process I learned more about the software thatpowers Subtle Coolness.

Then one day in October 2004, this author simply wrote,

Itʼs time for me to find a new hobby. Preferably one that doesnʼtinvolve angle brackets. Or computers. Or electricity.

His website hasnʼt changed since. Could I ever do that? Those who knowme would probably say, “No.”

“Heck no at all.”

With that said, those who know me would probably confirm that I spendtoo much time at a computer. Considering I almost always have a computer_in my pocket_, I am inclined to agree.

This week I backed off. This week I exercised.

“Whoa!” you say. But yes, this week I exercised; and I exercised morethan once; and I enjoyed it. I have decided to swim every day the swimcenter is open (except Sunday, of course). Unfortunately, the swimcenter is closed today, so no swimming for me.

Swimming is awesome. You get a good workout, in your arms and your legs,and you get out of breath, and there is always someone there to save youif you pass out. As a bonus, youʼre not sore the next day. All thatwater is doing wonders for my skin.

The whole locker room experience still scares me, though.