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by William Jackson on 2005-03-20

Image: Keep your eyes on the road

Subtle Coolness has recently taken a backseat to some other projects of mine. Most notably, I just started a website for my family to keep in touch more easily, and itʼs been a big hit. Just ask my siblings.

Also, with a recent friendly challenge to refrain from blogging for a week, then Spring Break and its accompanying lack of Internet, the place has felt rather deserted. That is, of course, except for all the wonderful, marvelous, terrific friends wishing me a happy birthday. You know who you are. You know how awesome you are.

I drove way more than average over Spring Break. I drove (what felt like) halfway across the state to visit my sister and her family. I drove all around town while I was staying with my parents. I took a late night/early morning excursion to St. Olafʼs Lutheran church to see if it was really haunted. It is this latter story that I wish to divulge herein.

I had heard about St. Olafʼs on several occasions previously, but I never had the chance to visit. I expressed my desire to go during Spring Break, and after two postponements, several of my friends consented to take me there. We were in two cars. I was following. The lead driver speeds. We were tearing down the highway at who knows what speed, when I saw police lights come on behind me. Hooray. I pulled over with anticipation, but the cruiser just zipped right past me and proceeded to pull over the lead driver.

That was hilarious. Thankfully, he only got a warning, and we were on our way again. My passenger and I watched the entire show from a nearby gas station parking lot. I then mentioned to my passenger that I had never been pulled over before, ever, and I really wouldnʼt know what to do if I ever was stopped by the police.

We drove for a while longer, and checked out St. Olafʼs (which required some light trespassing — Iʼm not proud of that). I decided that the church was old, small, well-kept, and anything but haunted. We all drove back to town, and I dropped off my passenger and began my short drive home.

In a solid residential area, I make a left turn, and out of nowhere I have police lights flashing behind me. This time there wasnʼt anyone in front of me to pull over. This was my time.

Apparently, I failed to use my turn signal when I took the left turn. Silly me. I got away with nothing but the strict advice, “Obey all the laws tonight.”

I can no longer say I have never been pulled over. But Iʼm still ticketless, and thatʼs just awesome.

P.S. Thanks, Dad, for keeping me on your insurance, even if the proof of insurance card in the car expired seven days ago.