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Beaten by Cheesecake

by William Jackson on 2005-04-02

Do you remember how I dominated the tortilla world? Unfortunately, I donot have that effect on all foods everywhere. Specifically, I have atwisted love/hate relationship with cheesecake from The CheesecakeFactory.

Today is my best friendʼs birthday. Last night he celebrated wth a smallgathering of friends at The Cheesecake Factory. There were nine of us,and when we were seated we let the server know we would only be havingdessert.

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

She still brought us bread and butter. Thatʼs not a bad thing, becausethe bread is so good, but I probably ate too much, knowing what laybefore me. When my slice of Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake came out, Iwas still incredibly optimistic about the whole situation.

After a fair amount of bites, including a taste of my best friendʼsGodiva chocolate, I realized that polishing off my piece of cheesecakewould increase the chances of my stomach exploding violently by severaldozen percent.

For cheesecake, I was willing to take that chance.

I cleaned my plate, then slouched down in my chair, using my _huge_napkin as a blanket of sorts (for comic relief). If I had seams, I feltlike I would burst at them any moment.

I really donʼt mind being beaten by cheesecake every once and again.

In closing, happy birthday!