Itʼs Got My Name on It

2005-04-07 07:10:00 +0000

Itʼs barely noon, and I have had one exciting day so far. My Computer Science professor allowed me to take the exam this morning at 09:00, for which I will be eternally grateful. Because we had to walk to an empty room and get me situated, she gave me until 11:05 to finish.

I didnʼt answer everything, but I had to stop at 10:50 so I could go to my 11:00 Government class and take an exam there. The Government exam was significantly easier, and I finished it in about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, I was boxed in on both sides and didnʼt want to disturb the students around me, so I waited another fifteen or twenty minutes before I left.

Iʼm certain only about 20% of the student in this Government class come to the lecture every time, so I am always surprised to walk in on a test day to see the hall filled to capacity. This is the second time someone has taken my seat, too.

Wouldnʼt that just frustrate you? Here I am, I come to every class and sit in the same seat every Tuesday and Thursday, and on test day some lazy student who probably never comes to the lecture just moseys on in and sits in my seat like itʼs fair game. It was probably only the fourth time sheʼs been in that hall all semester, no doubt.

At least I remembered to take the test.