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So, I Guess Iʼm Going to Muse

by William Jackson on 2005-04-26

Hereʼs the transcript of part of an instant messenger conversation I just had:

her (16:04:39): hello william
her (16:04:42): you should come to muse
her (16:04:45): here are the reasons one
her (16:04:48): 1) they rock
her (16:04:51): 2) its cheap
her (16:05:03): 3) everyone else is going and you would find yourself laughing loudly
her (16:05:13): 4) itʼll help you get away from the graduation thing you dont want to go to..her (16:05:26): 5) i can flirt in a non-threatening friendship kinda way
her (16:05:48): 6) you can expierience the thrill of loud guitars and pretty piano chords and solos and singing
her (16:05:51): i think thatʼs it__me (16:06:05): Keep taking, this is all going on Subtle Coolness.
__her (16:06:10)
: lol
her (16:06:22): 7) you need to get in touch with you…femanine side
her (16:06:46): 8) standing on your feet for a few hours and sweating will make for a memorable car ride home with your friends

Sheʼs been bugging me about going to this concert for a while now, and I was afraid it was going to conflict with a graduation party I will be attending, but today I found out that it wonʼt. So Iʼm going. To both.

Sometimes, peer pressure just works.